• Integrated business opportunities for booming areas like power, petroleum and food products
  • Sugar consumption statistics
  • Maize sugar health hazard a boon
  • Ethanol blending in petrol and diesel.
  • Green Power with Carbon credit
  • Cooperative farming, Cooperative Finance Company and Mall.
  • Create the models and sell the models as allied business divisions such as infrastructure , automation
    and Industrial EPC contracts.
  • Changing government policies to liberalise the business.
  • Value added products & our own BRAND creation.
  • Educational Institute and Hospital.
Sugar Cane Prospects
  • Potential is three times i.e. 180 lac MTS with respect to irrigation available if farmers are taken care for their issues.
  • Additional irrigation projects coming up will add 25 lac MTS.
  • Easy and hassle free crop to grow and more organized as compared to other crops.
  • Other crops with new high yield varieties are more prone to diseases.
  • Need for still more sugar plants in the area.
Present & Planned irrigation Projects
  • Raajewadi Dam
    • 1.5 TMC
    • Urmodi Dam soon to connect to Raajewadi dam
  • Neera Right bank canal
    • 10 kms from factory
    • 12 TMC
  • All together to cater min 50,000 Htr
    • 2 Lift Irrigation and 1 Canal project
    • i.e. Tembu, Takari Mahasal and Ujani Canal
  • Inputs:
    • Encourage Organic farming Extend hassle free loans Propagation of drip irrigation Proliferation of multi crop
      systems Provide market understanding and analysis Training program by experts Active Shetkari Sallagar
      Samiti Affiliate to Sri Sri Agri Programmes
  • Output:
    • Farmer Becomes a contributor by being Self reliance and adopt Entreprising attitude with increased
      yield economics & reduced production costs Women Improving Health and make Self Reliant Children
      Comprehensive Education Employment Skill oriented education to create job ready candidates
      and Entrepreneurs.